28 Nov, 2018

The Beginning of the New Normal for Title Agencies

The age of fragmentation between all of the parties involved in the closing process - the title agent, the banker,

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12 Nov, 2018

AI Technology Permits Automated Title Insurance Operations

The rocket speed at which artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are taking over may seem a little concerning. After all, these

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28 Oct, 2018

FinTech Startups Looking to Take on Title Insurance Giants

FinTech, the industry aimed at improving financial services through the incorporation of technology, has officially made its way into the

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02 Jun, 2017

Title Agency Strategic Planning is not for the Faint of Heart

Keeping up with a title agency’s daily operations is often difficult enough as it is. In the midst of the

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28 May, 2017

Mortgage Meltdown: Years Later – Where is the Accountability?

The financial services sector greases the wheels of industry, funds innovation, and keeps America competitive on the worldwide arena—where would

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28 Apr, 2017

Title Agency Licensing: Dont Make This Fatal Error

Does this question look familiar? “Since original title agency licensing or last renewal is the business entity or any owner, partner,

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28 Mar, 2017

Title Insurance Fraud and What to do About It

Though the real estate system is set up with multiple checks meant to keep all the players in a transaction

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28 Feb, 2017

Six Sigma For Improving Process

Many professionals are still operating under the misconception that Six Sigma process optimization techniques aren’t useful in services industries such

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31 Jan, 2017

How To Do a Software Roll Out on S2T

The 4-Step Software Rollout Plan It's probably obvious that when you introduce a completely new software platform at your company

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31 Dec, 2016

S2T Launches New Title Agency Licensing Microsite

System2Thinking, or S2T, is rolling out a sleek new title agency consulting and title agency licensing microsite that provides quick

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